Colorado Qualified Medication Administration Personnel (QMAP)

Registration Fee: $250.00

The medication administration course is designed to teach unlicensed staff to safely administer medications in settings authorized by law. Staff who successfully complete the medication administration course are not certified or licensed in any way, and are not trained or authorized to make any type of judgment, assessment or evaluation of a client. Staff who successfully complete the course are considered Qualified Medication Administration Persons (QMAP). Successful applicants will pass a written exam and a hands-on practical exam.

To register for this class, you must:
- be at least 18 years of age
- have a valid and current form of identification (ID must be presented prior to testing)

QMAP training consists of:
Self-paced online instruction, module quizzes and practice assignments. At the conclusion of the online course, the student is required to pass a written exam and a practical hands-on skills exam. Staff who successfully complete this training and pass the testing portion are considered qualified to administer medications in a limited number of settings.

A QMAP can:
- Administer medications according to written physician orders.
- Maintain proper documentation of the administration of both prescription and non-prescription drugs.
- Use proper techniques when administering medication by various routes.
- Safely and accurately fill and administer medications to and from medication reminder boxes with oversight from a licensed person or qualified manager.

The medication administration program is a qualification, not a certification or a license.
Licensed - No
Certified - No
Qualified - Yes

Fee: $250.00


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